Solidium NAF and Low-Emissions Interiors

The Difference Is What We Didn’t Add.

Solidium Panels And Medical Cabinets


Solidium MR/NAF is the perfect combination of production-line performance and the finished-product protection ... more

Featuring no added formaldehyde, Solidium NAF from Del-Tin Fiber helps protect the environment without sacrificing the premium MDF performance you depend on. With formaldehyde emission levels indiscernible from nature, Solidium NAF is the natural choice for hospitals, schools and other projects in which green building and sustainable construction is in demand. Excellent machinability, uniform density and an exceptionally smooth surface for laminating make it ideal for furniture, wall panels, flooring and cabinets. Plus, Solidium NAF contributes towards credits in green building rating systems such as LEED, the NAHB Green Building Standard and Green Globe. Solidium NAF offers the performance and protection that can make a world of difference for years to come.

Physical Properties

Usage: Interior use only Thicknesses: 3/16" - 1"
Raw Material: Southern Pine fiber Widths: To five feet
Lengths: To sixteen feet
Minimum Panel Averages <3/8" >3/8" to <1/2" 1/2" to 3/4" >3/4"
IB - Internal Bond (psi) 110 100 90 85
MOR - Modulus of Rupture (psi) 4,050 4,050 4,050 4,050
MOE - Modulus of Elasticity (ppsi) 405 405 405 405
Face Screw Hold (lbs) NA NA 250 250
Edge Screw Hold (lbs) NA NA 225 225
Thickness Swell (max) .087" 15% 15% 15%
Length & Width: (for each panel) ± 1/16"
Squareness: (per 1 ft. of length) ± 1/64"
Straightness: (per 2 ft. of length) ± 1/64"
Thickness: (within panel) ± 0.005"
Thickness: (panel to panel) ± 0.005"



The Composite Panel Association (CPA) has certified the El Dorado, Arkansas, manufacturing facility of Del-Tin Fiber, LLC to be in compliance with the requirements of CPA ECC 4-11 for Eco-Certified Composites and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure 93120.

Solidium NAF is made using no-added formaldehyde based resins and exceeds the standards for CARB Phase 2 compliance. Our El Dorado facility is approved for NAF exemption N-13-082.


In addition, the Composite Panel Association has certified that Del-Tin Fiber, LLC has fulfilled the requirements of CPA ECC 4-11 for Eco-Certified Composites by demonstrating compliance to these four environmental criteria.

  1. Carbon Footprint – requires each panel to demonstrate net carbon storage
  2. Local and Renewable Resource – requires high percentage use of local fiber
  3. Recycled/Recovered – requires high percentage use of recycled/recovered fiber
  4. Sustainability – requires low percentage of fiber furnish to enter waste stream

Review greater detail of the ECC standard and a link to the Del-Tin Fiber, LLC certificate on our ECC certification page.


Solidium NAF can also contribute toward credits in popular environmental certification programs such as LEED, Green Globes, NAHB and CARB. Visit our green contributions page for more information.

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