Solidium Multi-Board Cooling Wheel

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The Solidium MDF product line provides a range of performance characteristics to optimize for a range of applications ... more

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Sales And Product Information

Solidium ULTRA Spec Sheet

Solidium Spec Sheet

Solidium LITE Spec Sheet

Solidium MR Spec Sheet

Solidium NAF Spec Sheet

Solidium MR/NAF Spec Sheet

Country Of Origin Letter

Safety And Environmental Information

Solidium ULTRA, Solidium, Solidium LITE, MSDS

Solidium MR, Solidium NAF, Solidium MR/NAF, MSDS

1/4” Panels Surface Burning Characteristics Test Report

3/4” Panels Surface Burning Characteristics Test Report

Recycled Content Percentages Description

ECC Certification Certificate

manufacturer of Solidium MDF