Deltic Timber Forest

Green Building Rating System Contributions

Wood Chips From Deltic Timber Sawmill


A large percentage of the wood chips and shavings used to produce Solidium are sourced from Deltic Timber Corporation sawmills ... more

Sustainable Use of Wood Fiber, ECO-CERTIFIED

As architects, contractors, developers and owners consider construction materials for new project applications, Solidium has the potential to make contributions toward project recognition in several popular systems.

Credit Contribution Chart A STARTING POINT

There are a number of factors that ultimately determine the credits that a project can earn toward certification in each green rating system. In addition, no product or manufacturer can guarantee credits in any system.

That being said, the chart below reflects areas in several well-known systems where Solidium products can contribute toward the earning of credits. Each contribution consideration applies to all Solidium unless otherwise specified.

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