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The Composite Panel Association is a resource for general industry information, product property standards and usage recommendations. The links below are for technical bulletins published by the association on their website that may help answer questions regarding important considerations.

You will need an Acrobat Reader-enabled web browser to view these files online. Refer to the Adobe website for additional information.

Technical Bulletins

Dimensional Stability of Particleboard And MDF (PDF)

Laminating Composite Panels (PDF)

Mechanically Based Corner Joints For Particleboard and MDF (PDF)

Minimizing Warp In Laminated Particleboard and MDF (PDF)

MDF Mouldings (PDF)

Particleboard And MDF For Shelving (PDF)

Storage And Handling Of Particleboard And MDF (PDF)

VOC Emission Barrier Effects (PDF)

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